Smoke Flies do exist

Smoke Flies do exist

After a massive explosion, a very odd man was seen attempting to catch flies near the site. The police and rescue officials quickly identified him as scientist. Like small black specks across the sky, the color of the scene changed as these smoke flies filled the area. Smoke flies are attracted to nothing other than smoke and the amazing part is they traveled 80 kilometers to attend the smoke filled party.

Like other household flies, smoke flies are driven by their powerful sense of smell. That sense is what tells them to fly and eventually descend upon where ever the smell is coming from. Smoke flies will use the scent as a reproductive aid. They lay their eggs on recently burnt trees and bushes. Once the tree or bush regains its health, the smoke fly will emerge from the egg and turn to larvae then fly away. Smoke flies are unique in this practice as most flies will avoid burnt areas; but they indeed have the upper hand. With the majority of other insects out of site and out of mind, it leaves the new growth and new life as an all you can eat buffet to the smoke flies.

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