Insects are beneficial –

Insects are beneficial –

Despite their annoyance and ew factor, many insects can in fact be very beneficial to have around. For instance we wouldn’t have the beauty of wild flowers without beneficial insects around to pollinate them and keep the population growing. Honeybees are one of the most beneficial insects to the environment but of course can back a hefty sting when they feel they are threatened.

Beetles are one of those insects that just seem gross when we find them, however, lady beetles make a feast of smaller insects that could be harmful to your household. Praying mantis are another insect that are wonderful creatures to keep around. When you see them outside it is best to just admire their beauty and let them do their job in nature. They eat spiders and other pests that could easily invade and take over your home. These insects can be seen at night gathering around your patio light, waiting for the buffet of spiders, moths, gnats and even flies. They can be very territorial but are essentially harmless to humans and pets.

If you have concerns about which insects are good to keep around your home and which are not, the best thing to do is to call your local pest control company to come and evaluate your situation and devise a plan on how to treat your home.

For more information on beetles and praying mantis’ click here.

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