More Research Needed On CCD

More Research Needed On CCD

It has become a global issue. Massive amounts of bees are dying at alarming rates. Some scientists are going to extreme almost science fiction style measures to find the answer to the question of what is happening to all of the bees.

Researchers have devised a small microchip that can be attached to a bee like a backpack. This microchip serves as additional sensors, gathering all sorts of useful information in the hopes of finding out how they can solve the problem. Data collected will provide the useful information beekeepers and industry groups will need. Along with the backpack sized transmitters that will go on the bees directly, they have also developed a computer board the size of postage stamp that can be placed inside the hive directly to also send valuable information to the same researchers.

Bees are annoying to humans but serve a vital role in our environment.                If the bees were to be permanently removed from the environment, several plants and food products would also cease to survive however, humans should elect to stay away from bee hives to the best of their abilities. Bee stings typically are just annoying, however, if stung by a swarm it could be fatal.

For more information on bees, please click here.

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