Velvet ants

Velvet ants

Velvet ants are a species of ants that bring very specific traits to the world. These ants have bright colors and are covered in a dense almost like velvet fuzz. This fuzz serves as more than just to beautify the ant, but also has a purpose.

The velvet on top of a velvet ant can help them retain moisture that is needed for them to stay alive. The colors can be bright and brilliant to serve as a warning to their predators. Their beauty can be misleading as they actually carry an extremely dangerous venom that can be excruciating to humans. Some scientists suggest that they have a stinger that is half the length of their bodies that may have evolved as protection from a predator. Only the females carry the stinger and scientists have not yet found any other insects who can survive the sting. So intense, some have labeled it a “cow killer.”

Along with their color and stings/bites, these insects also will squeak loudly if they feel intimidated. They are one of the few insects who will release auditory sounds as a warning. They are not fetal to humans, nor could they actually kill a cow. They will however sting and bite you and that could cause immense pain for few minutes.

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