Ok, You can stay

Ok, You can stay

There are some bugs that are good to have around, and some that you should keep around. If your patio and garden are full of bugs, try and figure out which are the good ones. For instance the syrphid fly is a wonderful flying insect to keep around. Sometimes they are called a hover fly because they are pollinators that hang out with your flowers keeping the garden healthy.

Lacewings and ladybugs are of course well known for their ability to help your garden. They both eat the larvae of more dangerous bugs at a rate larger than any other small insect. One way to encourage these beneficial bugs to stay, and to attract more of these types of insects is to plant a large variety of flowering plants. A variety will bloom at different times which will help keep these beneficial insects sustained throughout the entire year.

So, the next time you are out gardening and think about pesticide to rid your garden of the creepy crawlies who are trying to take over, keep in mind, there are some garden bugs that are on the VIP list, who are incredibly beneficial to your garden.

For more information on the good bugs to keep around, click here

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