What is a box elder bug?

What is a box elder bug?

You may have a friend who told you about the little black bugs with the red line down its back and abdomen. These little garden critters are called box elder bugs. Usually you will find them anywhere there is an abundance of leaves and flowers and of course near the box elder trees in the Midwest.

These insects will find a crevasses in a tree and use that as a wonderful spot to hide their eggs. They do travel together, and the site of them can be alarming if you run into a colony. The box elder bugs are not at all dangerous to humans, and aren’t particularly dangerous to crops either. They are part of the good bug family. However, they will invade your home if you aren’t careful.

Some tricks to avoiding a box elder bug infestation include clearing all clutter from the side of your home. Most people will stack their firewood next to their house for ease of access when it’s cold. Little do they know those wood stacks are a perfect hiding spot and breeding ground. Also check your home for cracks and make sure windows and doors seal properly.

For more information on the box elder bug, please click here

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