Let me see your ticket

Let me see your ticket

They weren’t invited to the show and they certainly didn’t pay to see the movie. A movie theater in New York is in a lot of hot water after numerous complaints of patrons being bit while seeing their favorite flicks. One movie-goer reports that she was victim to at least six bites during a recent showing. Upon feeling the itchy and burning sensation on her arm, she pulled out her phone to use as a flashlight and was bewildered when she saw bed bugs crawling on her feet. Another patron was very upset after taking her kids to see the show and discovering bites all over her children.

Bed bugs are especially alarming because they can hide in your clothing, bags, and of course in any furniture. They also reproduce very quickly. There is never just one, if you see one there are probably many many more hiding waiting for the perfect time to feed. In a situation like this the entire facility had to be thoroughly inspected and then treated to ensure a further infestation didn’t occur. The movie theater has expressed that they will in fact do more frequent inspections to try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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