How to combat invasive ants

How to combat invasive ants

It is possible to combat invasive ants says new research. Invasive ants are exactly what they sound like. They invade everything. They are bad news. They invade homes and sometimes even birds’ nests causing deformities within the eggs.

Scientists have discovered a virus that can infect the aggressive invasive ants. The study was possible by conducting pathology tests after an entire colony mysteriously died. They found several virial species that they were able to determine were the ant killers. The researchers are hopeful that they could use the virus to completely wipe out the invasive ants. Unfortunately, the research is not 100 percent yet and there are other factors that could be in play for the declining population in the colony.

Invasive ants are born with a hunting type character. They are extremely aggressive. They are destructive to anything that comes within their reach. They are not harmful to humans as an individual ant, however when the entire colony bands together, major reactions could happen if a human were bitten by several at the same time. The normal invasive ant bite would leave a sore and itchy spot which could be relived with cortisone or an ice pack.

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