Stopping the spread of diseases

Stopping the spread of diseases

It’s a question that scientists want the answer to. If we model an insect’s behavior can we figure out how to stop the spread of the diseases they carry?

Every year malaria and dengue fever claim the lives of millions of humans across the world. These diseases are not only carried by but also transmitted by mosquitos. In a new research project scientists are exploring the idea of analyzing and understanding how these insects behave. This project is very important because it will help understand the infection dynamics. Scientists are looking at how an environmental change might be able to change the mosquitos biting patterns.

Typically humans don’t care about anything other than eliminating the mosquitos. Humans also typically don’t care about why and how mosquitos behave the way they do, they just want the mosquitos gone. This research may be able to do both.

Mosquitos must find a small body of water to lay their eggs in for their reproduction to be able to happen. This is the first way you can prevent mosquitos from invading your home. However,

If you have a mosquito issue in your home, make sure you call your local pest control company to come inspect the area.

For more information on mosquitos, please click here

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