Endangered Apple Alert!

Endangered Apple Alert!

With the coming of Autumn also comes the spread of the dreaded stink bug. They’re heading for a home near you and their favorite snack to munch on is your delicious, brightly colored apples. But before you try to wipe them from the face of the earth make sure to take a photo. Scientists at Cornell laboratory are asking people to photograph their stink bug sightings with their smart phones and email them to bmsbproject@cornell.edu so they can track the spread of these smelly pests.

You also don’t need to spend countless dollars on fancy traps to catch these critters according to researchers from Virginia Tech. They found that the best way to get rid of the bugs is to fill a roasting pan with water and dish soap and place it in a dark room with a light placed over it. This will attract 14 times more stink bugs than the more expensive traps (up to $50) found in stores. You probably already have these items lying around your house, so why go out and spend money on something that has been proven less effective?

Have stink bugs already began their takeover of your home? How do you usually get rid of them? Are you going to help Cornell track them?

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