Insects Might be the Answer to World Hunger

Insects Might be the Answer to World Hunger

World Food Day was celebrated on October 16th . The day served as a time for people to come together and declare their commitment to eradicate world hunger. However, one little problem stands in the way. One third of our land is used for the production of feed for those very animals that people need for sustenance. So, now scientists are considering other ways we might feed our animals without needing to put aside thousands of acres to produce their food. The E.U.-funded project PROteINSECT is looking into rearing insects such as maggots to feed to chicken, fish, and pigs. The production of animal feed costs us much land we could use for raising animals, and it creates a huge strain on our land and water. Using insects to provide the protein animals need would lower environmental cost. Many insects feed in organic waste such as manure, leftover food, and offal.

One worry, however, is that might transmit environmental toxins and even diseases to the animals. One study concluded that these dangers come from certain species of insects. More studies like PROteINSECT are needed before we decide to totally switch our farm animals’ diets to insects.

What do you feed your animals? Would you ever consider feeding them insects?

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