Candy Coated Insects

Candy Coated Insects

Could the trick to getting people to eat insect be in making them pretty to look at? Matilde Boelhouwer seems to think so. Using her skills as an artist and a dedicated foodie she is creating jewel colored treats that most people would think are decadent candies. The difference between these candies and your average skittles from the local store? They are actually insects encrusted in brightly colored sugar, designed to tempt your palate and your eyes.

Matilde makes these “little gems” in her home in the Netherlands, each one placed delicately on a miniature gold-plated spoon. It looks like the upper class may be the first to try out this fad if the cost of these little delicacies is anything to go by. Matilde produces seven flavors of insect candies, including “dark grasshopper jelly with chai tea and honey” and “mealworm with white-chocolate ganache and pepper.”  The insects she uses for her indulgent confections are all raised on a strict organic diet of garden cress, alfalfa, and lemongrass. Think of them like you would the highest grade wagu beef. These little buggers aren’t cheap, and are clearly not for the poor masses. But, who knows, maybe she’ll start a candied-bug eating trend.

What do you think of these insect candies? Would you try one?

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