Rousing Rooftop Research

Rousing Rooftop Research

Climate change is affecting the world whether we want to admit it or not. Temperatures are changing, ice caps are melting, and the ozone is slowly getting thinner. One creature that is showing signs of being effected by climate change is the insect. Insects are changing their living and migration habits due to the change in weather and temperatures. Researchers at the Natural History Museum of Denmark have been studying the insects on their rooftop for the past eighteen years, cataloguing the changes in their behavior as climate change worsens.

Over the years they have tracked more than 250,000 individual insects taking shelter on their roof, and they’ve come up with some pretty staggering conclusions. One study was published in The Journal of Animal Ecology that revealed that the warming of temperatures has been affecting specialized insects that rely on one food source. One of these insects is the nut weevil, who feeds only on hazelnuts. During the first half of the study the nut weevil was spotted on the museum’s rooftop, but had vanished by the second half. Researchers believe that they are moving north to cooler climates in response to the warming temperatures.

Have you noticed any change in insect behavior due to climate change?

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