Rare Cicadas emerging in KU

Rare Cicadas emerging in KU

Kansas University professor, Robert Hagen, teaches a class that focus on periodical cicadas. The class is a rare find however, and is only offered every 17 years. The reason being, that the breed of cicadas that the class focuses on only emerges every 17 years. Hanna Rankin and Jade Hall, students at Kansas University who are studying ecology, evolutionary biology and human biology had never known about  heir love for insects until taking this class. Unfortunately for those who want to learn more about these bugs, wil have to wait until 2032 when they emerge again.

In late May and early June, tens of millions of insects made an appearance around Lawrence Hagen reported. The periodical cicadas are slightly bigger than the usually summer cicadas folks in Kansas say. They are also “making their voice heard” with they synchronized buzzing

Hagen, along with her classmates and other groups from St. Cloud University, University of California and Davis will be spending their time at the University of Armitage Education Center researching the periodical cicadas and the effects that have on the surrounding habitat.

With the buzzing however, come predators. Birds, rodents and other small animals will enjoy the excess of insects and feast. Unfortunately for the cicadas, they do not had bad odors, sharp spines of any way of defending themselves which makes it easy for predators to snack.

Rankin says “they spend 17 years underground and when they finally come up they’re above ground for four to six weeks and they die.”

Have you ever seen one of the periodical cicadas?

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