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Extreme Measures to Rid Bedbugs

Author and science reporter, Brooke Borel, was young when her Brooklyn apartment was infested on 3 different occasions with bedbugs. It was after that when she set off on a journey to find out everything she could on bedbugs. She even has a new book, Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took Over the World that helps explain her journey.

Borel reports that bedbugs are” attracted to the CO2 in our breath and the heat of our bodies.” People often take extreme measures to rid the bedbugs because it is a difficult process and nearly impossible. Some people’s reactions are nonexistent, some get itchy with red welts, while other have regrettably been driven to suicide over bed bugs.

In cities, bedbugs are very easy to spread. They also are good at hitchhiking, so they are able to fly both domestically and internationally with us. With the spreading of bedbugs being so easy, there unfortunately has been a resurgence of them lately. Apartments are also more difficult for users to rid the bedbugs unless the entire unit is also taking preventative measures. Some states even have laws where landlords must disclose to new renters if they have had bedbugs within the last year, however not everyone adheres to these guidelines.

Borel gives the advice to users with bedbugs not to panic. Everyone can get through it.

Steps to Take:

  1. “You need to contact an exterminator right away, and if you live in an apartment building find out what the state laws are (in some instances the landlord is financially responsible).
  2. Bag up your laundry and bedding and wash in high temperatures.
  3. Get rid of clutter, and vacuum in order to prepare for the exterminator.
  4. You will also probably have to use insecticide sprays, although those are working less and less because bedbugs have built resistance to many that we’re able to use in our bedrooms.
  5. Because bedbugs die at high heat, you can also use special heaters in your home. Unfortunately these heaters are different than our everyday ones and those who use their personal heaters have sometimes caught their house on fire.
  6. Sometimes the process takes months to completely rid the bugs but you will eventually get through it.”


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