Deadly Mosquito Threat

Deadly Mosquito Threat

Mosquitos are still hanging around despite the lateness of the season, and officials are adamantly trying to make people understand the seriousness of this problem. Officials consider mosquitos the highest of threats, especially to the elderly or unhealthy. While people of any age group can catch the deadly diseases spread by mosquitos, the elderly are at a higher risk of experiencing fatalities. The biggest factor is a persons’ immune system, which wanes as we get older. Our immune system is what helps us fight off infection and disease, and a lowered immune system means a higher level of difficulty fighting against these deadly diseases. Officials also claim that a contributing factor is that the elderly are more likely to travel and spread these diseases to mosquitos, who will then spread them to more people.

Educating the population is the best way to fight against this threat. Officials are holding county meetings to help make citizens aware of how serious this threat is. The best way to eliminate the problem of mosquitos is through prevention. People need to get rid of any standing water around their homes, as mosquitos can lay their eggs in as little as a teaspoon of water.

Are mosquitos wreaking havoc in your neighborhood? Have you heard any news of people catching deadly diseases from mosquitos?

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