Think Like a Bug

Think Like a Bug

Winter is here and with it comes a host of creepy crawlies trying to invade your nice warm home to ride out the cold months. When it comes to dealing with these pests entomologist Brandon Runyun advises people to think like a bug. Don’t wait till the pests are already filling up all of the cracks and crevices in your house to take care of them. If you simply let them stay, Runyun warns that the population will only get bigger next year. Instead, think of areas where these insects would want to inhabit and pest proof them. It’s much better to prevent them from coming into your home in the first place than try and chase them out later.

Runyun advises that you try and think of places bugs might want to crawl into. They tend to like places where they won’t be bothered, so look in places like your basement, attic, and inside your walls. Seal any entry where something could possibly get in. Runyun suggests using high quality silicone gel to copper stuff these areas, creating a tight seal against any would-be guests.

Are bugs starting to invade your home? Have you sealed up your house against pests?


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