Prevent the Big Problems Little Bugs Can Start

Prevent the Big Problems Little Bugs Can Start

In Washington County, local city parks and natural resources staff is doing everything they can in order to prevent big problems caused by little bugs. Officials will be calling on communities in order to work together to develop a plan for the coming year.

The little bug they are working on creating a plan for is the emerald ash borer, also known as EAB. They have caused over 30 million ash trees in North America to die according to the Washington County Natural Resources Coordinator Dan McSwain. The desire to stop the spreading of the EAB has been made known as of November 10th at the Washington County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Cottage Grove has been asking presidents to voluntarily participate in eliminating the ash trees as they have removed most of the ash trees on public property. The overall plan is to replenish the trees that have been removed, because it means the loss of fewer trees if a future infestation occurred.

“Diversifying tree species is important,” McSwain said, “so that no one tree species becomes predominant in the county’s parks and the trees in the parks will be resilient to infestations in the future.” The county has also developed a firewood policy that restricts park users from bring in firewood to the parks as a precaution against the spreading of EAB.


In order to benefit everyone, its crucial that everyone (local communities, adjacent counties and adjacent states) work together towards this problem. Klatt says “We’d be happy to participate.”

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