Insect Repellent Fashion

Insect Repellent Fashion

Slathering on greasy insect repellent when all you want to do is run around and enjoy the outdoors can be a real pain. One man decided to do something about that. In an effort to eliminate the annoyance of dealing with insect bites by either putting on repellant or giving in and heading indoors, a man invented a novel device that traps flying insects, keeping them from bugging you.

The Deer Fly Hat Band traps deer flies and other flying insects before they have a chance to bite you. The portable bug trap is worn on the head, and is easy to put on and remove, and is even disposable. This lightweight, portable, and disposable bug trap is the perfect solution for people who hate applying insect repellent. This invention merely requires you to put it on your head. There’s no lotion or spray to make sure is covering every inch of exposed skin. Personal experience inspired the inventor to create his novel method of dealing with insects. “When I was doing yard work, I had to constantly keep fighting off attacks from deer flies,” he said. “It was particularly annoying since they kept flying around my head.” And so, he created the Deer Fly Hat Band.

What do you think of this new invention? Would you use it?

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