Bed Bug Bombs are a Bust

Bed Bug Bombs are a Bust

Bed bugs are a serious problem in the U.S. these days. Countless people’s homes are invaded by them, and they’re almost impossible to get rid of. Well, there’s another piece of bad news about the bed bug wars that has cropped up. Bed bugs can be very expensive to deal with, with the proper number of professional treatments needed to truly annihilate these pests costing thousands of dollars. It’s understandable that people would search for a more inexpensive treatment for this common problem. The product that answered this need was the over-the-counter bug bombs, or foggers. However, research has finally proven that these treatments are completely useless.

These foggers have been sold as an insect treatment for a number of insect pests for decades. When researchers from Ohio State University evaluated three different bug bomb brands, they found that none of them actually had any affect on the bed bugs. Researchers think one reason for this is that bed bugs tend to hide in protected cracks and crevices such as under a mattress or deep within carpet. The insecticide mist from the foggers simply can’t reach them. On top of that many bed bugs have built up tolerance for different insecticides, so they are more than likely no longer affected by these cheap insecticides. Nope, unfortunately there is simply no other option when dealing with bed bugs than to call in a professional. You’ll simply be wasting your time with the over-the-counter bombs.

Have you ever used bug bombs to try and treat bed bugs? How well did they work?

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