Restaurants Making “Delicious” Meals with Bugs?!

Restaurants Making Delicious Meals with Bugs

There are some restaurants taking the opportunity to take one of the most divisive protein sources on earth, insects, and incorporating them into our everyday meals

People all over the world eat insects (entomophagy) for vaires of reasons, while people around the world also choose not to ingest insects for just as many reasons.

So why should anyone consider eating an insect? They are a great and sustainable food source. They are full of protein, with less fat and more calcium. They are also east to farm and when prepared properly can actually taste pretty good

Here is a list of 5 restaurants that offer insects on their menu:

  1. Black Ant, New York City

A trendy East Village Mexican restaurant with plenty of menu items to satisfy your bug tooth.

  1. Dan Sung Sa, Oakland, California

Korean street food with creative exotic insects incorporated into their food.

  1. Grub Kitchen, Pembrokeshire, UK

“Britian’s first insect restuarnt” features insects in just about every dish.

  1. Mok Maru Jong Sul Jip, Los Angeles

A popular sports bar in Koreatown.

  1. Petty Cash Taqueria, Los Angeles

A popular Los Angeles taqueria shop that offer chapulines.

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