Army Ant Bridge

Army Ant Bridge

Eciton hamatum a species of army ants in Central South America, move in columns over the forest floors, killing every insect in their path. If there happens to be a gap in their path the arts simply build a bridge, using their own bodies. The ants cling onto one another as other ants pass over them creating a living ant bridge.

A recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that these ant bridges are a lot more sophisticated than originally thought. Researchers found that there are no lead ants in the process of building the bridges, instead each individual ant coalesces into a group into and adapts to the terrain for the better of the group.

Understanding more about how these ants works could really help create advanced robots that are able to self-assemble into larger structures- bridges, towers, pulling chains, rafts.

How interesting. What is the coolest thing you have learned from an insect?


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