Bed Bugs Scaring Parents of a Local Middle/High School

Bed Bugs Scaring Parents of a Local Middle/High School

In Lackawanna, New York, parents of students at Lackawanna middle and high school are concerned after hearing that late last week bed bugs were found in one of the classrooms.

Health experts believe that the parents who have kept their children home from school since the incident may be overreacting. “In public health, we consider bed bugs a nuisance,” said Erie County Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein. “They’re really not a public health threat. They don’t carry disease.”

The school district has hired an exterminator to take care of the problem. Since, no bugs have been found on the campus.

Burstein said just like lice, we have to get over the stigma [associated with bed bugs]. People of all socioeconomic statuses have lice, and people of all socioeconomic statuses have bed bugs. It’s just a matter of bad luck.”

Overall it is important to note that education is important, and bed bugs are no reason to keep your children home from school. This is especially true when considering infestations take a while to clear up completely.

Would you pull your kids out of school? Why or why not?

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