Invasive Beetle Causing Trees to Collaps

Invasive Beetle Causing Trees to Collapse

Due to the heightening fear that the ongoing spread of red palm weevil infestations will lead to more spontaneous tree collapse, the Tel Aviv-Yafo city is demanding that homeowner take certain measures to handle the infected palms.

Homeowners who fail to prevent the spread of red palm weevils within 14 days on their property will face a NIS 730 fine, the cost that the city has to take care of treatment.

The red plan weevils have the potential to damage the trees so bad that the entire tree can collapse. Unfortunately many homeowners have failed to take action, so the disease has been enabled to spread. In order to prevent the unexpected collapse of these tree, the city has began to issue demand that residents cut down their infected trees.

Over the past year, the city has been conducting preventative treatments on the palm trees within the public domain, making sure to adhere to the guidelines of the Agriculture Ministry. At the same time, the city has issued instruction to residents on how to eradicate the weevils by means of injections or sprays several times a year.

The municipality calls upon all those homeowners whose yards have palm trees to expedite treatments against the weevil… and help eradicate the pest from all the city’s trees,” the city’s statement said.

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