Insects, A Sustainable Source of Omega-3

Insects, A Sustainable Source of Omega-3

Insect oil is being considered a possible new source of healthy omega-3 fatty acid. By nature, insects make fatty acids and can live on organic waste. Researchers at Wageningen University are searching to find which insets can be best used for oil, and then determining what optimal diet should be.

Tzompa Sosa, a PhD-researchers is looking into milkfats. “The oil appeared to contain a lot of fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated,” reported Sosa. The oil can also be extracted in an environmentally friends way, which in turn gives the highest return and the best oil quality. Tzompa Sosa extracted oil from for instance meal worms, beetle larvae, crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers and soldier flies.

Currently, the main source of omega-3 is from fish. The industry is interested in sustainable fatty acids such as omega-3 and lauric acid. Humans need to make sure they take in a certain amount of fatty acid. Lauric acid, on the other hand is supposed to have bactericidal and virus obliterate qualities.

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