Bug Programs

Bug Programs

In Toowoomba, youngsters are getting a real hit out of the insects at the Cobb and Co Museum’s three-week Bug Alive! program. Janelle Insley, the learning program manager reported that she was really pleased with the response from visitors during the first week.

The program has a variety of insect-inspired activities such as making bug catchers, creating a stick insects or ant and seeing insects up close.

“The live shows are led by our education officer Tony Coonan, who talks about the different types of insects and the work of an entomologist, with lots of interaction from the children,” Ms Insley said.

After the shows end, children are able to come up and hold the insects and get a really close look at them. How fun!

“They seem to really enjoy this interaction with the insects, including insects they wouldn’t normally see around Toowoomba such as giant litter bugs and peppermint stick insects,” she said.


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