Red Pine Pests

Red Pine Pests

Red pine trees are on the menu tonight, and the invasive red pine scale insect has a voracious appetite. These nasty pests have caused widespread devastation to the nation’s red pine trees for over 50 years now. In an attempt to prevent further widespread damage officials are clearing hundreds of red pine trees over a period of five years. Many of these trees are hundreds of years old, and an integral part of these forests. Unfortunately, officials have no other choice but to cut down these trees before they too are infected. They must bring down these trees in order to keep the forests healthy, and in turn the water clean.

But, this is actually the best case scenario. If officials simply left the trees, entire forests would become infected and compromise the health of the surrounding environment. Red pine scale insect feed on the pine trees. The only sign of their presence at first is slight discoloration in the tree’s needles. By this point, however, the tree is significantly weakened, making it vulnerable to other pests. Eventually the tree dies. Once the insect invades an area, there is no way to control or combat them.

What do you think of the destruction of all of these old trees? Do you think officials are handling the situation properly?

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