Consumer Reports Best Insect Repellents

Consumer Reports Best Insect Repellents

Bug repellents containing deet- a popular ingredient that some are wary about- look like they are facing some serious competition.

Consumer Reports scored Sawyers Fishman’s Formula, (20% picaridin) and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus (30% lemon eucalyptus oil) as some of the most effect repellents. Both repel mosquito and deer ticks for at least 7 hours!

The CDC caution that children under the age of 3 should not be using bug repellents that contain lemon eucalyptus oil.

On the other hand, the two deet products, Repel Scented Family (15% deet) and Off! Deepwoods VIII (25% deet) earned a “recommended” rating from Consumer Reports test. Both able to repel nats for at least 8 hours!

Side effects for short-term deet include mild redness and irritation, while long-term side effects include insomnia and mood changes.

Repellents containing natural plant oils (citronells, lemongrass and rosemary) may not be the most effective at keeping bugs away. All products failed to last over an hour against mosquitos according to the Consumer Reports test.

Consumer Reports health and food team leader, Ellen Kunes, warned users “all repellents should be used sparingly and only for the time you need them- especially on children and older people.”

What repellents do you use? How effective do you find them to be?

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