Insect Repellent for Every Occasion

Insect Repellent for Every Occasion

Now that Zika has joined the list of possible diseases you can catch from mosquitos the need for insect repellent has skyrocketed. Seriously, no matter where you are nowadays, whether your vacationing in South America or simply tending your garden in California, you need to where insect repellent. So, I’ve made a list of the top insect repellents available, for every occasion you might have. There is protection available in every form and for every type of vacation, so sit tight and take notes

When you are in major mosquito territory you have to go with the heavy-duty stuff. You’ll get the protection you need without the oily, sticky aftermath from OFF! Deep Woods Dry. This baby will block insects for up to eight hours. Do you hate dealing with those smelly, thick insect repellent lotions? Avon’s Skin So Soft ‘Bug Guard Plus Picaridin’ Towelettes is here to save the day. They provide a great alternative to DEET, with the towelettes containing Picaridin instead, and are easy to apply and help you control how much –and where – insect repellent you put on your body. These are a lifesaver in my opinion. They are super easy to use and require almost no effort. You simply have to wipe the towelette on you. That’s it, and as a very lazy person, I appreciate that. Another great repellent to take with you is the Species by the Thousands citronella candle. It’s small enough to fit in your purse or handbag and the citronella and lemongrass essential oils will keep those nasty insects at bay.

How do you protect yourself against insects? What product would you suggest?

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