A New Magical Caterpillar Cocoon

A New Magical Caterpillar Cocoon

Scientists have recently discovered a caterpillar cocoon that has seemingly magical

properties. Professor William Symondson and his team of researchers from Cardiff

University in Wales, UK recently found a unique cocoon in the forests in Borneo that

is made from resin, a sticky substance that can be collected from trees that hardens

over time. Most caterpillars build their cocoon out of silk, sometimes adding in a bit

of plant or fecal matter in order to disguise it. Within these cocoons the caterpillar is

safe from predators as it pupates and changes into its adult winged form.

The resin cocoon has some protective properties never seen before in caterpillar

cocoons. The walls of the glittering white cocoon are covered in a series of sharp

spikes made with the edges of resin flakes. They help to protect the caterpillar

within by adding a physical barrier between the predator and the outside of the

cocoon. But that’s not all this baby does. The resin also contains deadly substances

that can poison predators trying to get at the caterpillar inside. The identity of the

creator of the cocoon is as yet unknown, but the search is in progress.

Have you ever really looked at a caterpillar cocoon? What do you think about these

amazing structures?

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