New Invasive Bug Spotted in Michigan

New Invasive Bug Spotted in Michigan

Last July, Mark VanderWerp spotted a strange bug in his backyard in Birmingham.  He took some samples of it so he could later identify that it likely an Elm seed bug.

Even as an entomologist, VanderWerp knows that it isn’t uncommon that he spots a bug that he doesn’t recognize, so without thinking much of it he took a sample of the bug and saved it for a couple weeks.

VanderWerp paid close attention when a local technical of a pest solution company told him that he had found the same similar bug in a client’s home (3/4 mile away). The insect, likely an Elm seed bug has no current record past east of the Rocky Mountains.

How and when the Elm seed bug will depend on several different factors, including how they eat and defend themselves against predators. The Elm seed bugs eats the seeds of Elm trees without causing damage to the tree itself.

Thankfully for residents, the bug does not damage homes or reproduce rampantly either. However to stay warm in the winter the elm bugs will try to get inside through small crevices that other bug cannot fit through.

Homeowners who want to avoid this bug, should reinforce seals around windows, doors and vented attic areas. Outside perimeter treatments are also a good idea, VanderWerp adds.

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