Mosquito Warfare 101

Mosquito Warfare 101

It is official. We are at war with mosquitos. And this isn’t a war fought only by those who choose to join the fight against them. We are all personally under attack, and so we must all learn how to fight and win against these pests. There are certain tactics that are guaranteed to foil their plans to suck our blood and give us some nasty virus. If you know these tactics, you can protect yourself and we can each win this war against the mosquito.

First, you must cover yourself with clothing whenever going into enemy territory, which is basically anytime you’re going outside or to an area where there might be mosquitos. Cover as much of yourself with clothing to block their attacks as you can. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, kind of like wearing a bullet proof vest, wearing clothing treated with permethrin, a chemical insect repellent. Next you must cover any exposed skin with insect repellent. When trying to decide which repellent will best protect you, look for DEET and picaridin in the ingredients. The higher the concentration is the longer the protection will last. To protect the inside of your home from being invaded by mosquitos, place screens at all windows and doors to keep mosquitos out and run the air conditioning, which makes it more difficult for mosquitos to fly around in your home. Finally, keep mosquitos from settling and breeding in or around your home by emptying any containers with standing water in them. You can also spray your garbage cans with insecticide and make sure to keep them tightly covered.

Are you trained in the arts of mosquito warfare? Do you know how to defeat an enemy attacker?

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