Zika Virus Threatens Birthrates

Zika Virus Threatens Birthrates

The Zika virus as yet doesn’t seem to pose a huge threat to our species, but that could change in terms of the long run. The Zika virus spread like wildfire. Officials say the chances of it spreading to the U.S. are pretty good. For one thing, one infected person could easily give it to a local mosquito, which would then spread amongst its brethren and us humans in a matter of days. It’s likely the mosquito population in our neighboring infected countries could slowly spread it upwards towards our southern borders. Even if that doesn’t happen, one good storm could easily carry it straight to us.

The biggest fear right now is its’ relation to the birth defect microcephaly. Female Olympians in Brazil are being extra cautious. They stay inside as much as possible, and when they do go out, they cover themselves in either clothes or tons of insect repellent. While the athletes are braving the mosquitos, officials have warned pregnant women not to come to the Olympics at all. The Brazilian government has taken things even further with its own citizens. Women have been strongly urged to avoid getting pregnant until 2018. American women could be facing the same dilemma in the near future, meaning the world will experience a serious drop in birthrates. To make things worse, if a vaccine is created and women can begin to safely have children again, this could cause a minor baby boom, which can be just as bad for the country. It’s looking like we’re likely in for some difficulties no matter which way it goes.

Do you think birthrates will decline because of this virus? What do you think the consequences could be?

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