Zika Virus Update From CDC Director

Zika Virus Update From CDC Director

The massive Zika virus outbreak has garnered the concern of every health agency in the world. The CDC raised their alert level to its highest point, only the fourth time they have done so in history. CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden gave Time Magazine an official update on the condition of the Zika virus.

Frieden reports that the link between the Zika virus and increased cases Guillain-Barre and microcephaly is strong. Scientists have isolated the virus in the brains of infants that died from microcephaly. Frieden claims that the rumor that these cases of microcephaly are actually caused by larvacide is not likely to be true.

So far there have been 84 cases of Americans being infected with the Zika virus while traveling abroad, and Frieden expects that there will hundreds if not thousands more. He recommends that pregnant women do not travel to places where the Zika virus is active, and that people living in areas where it has already spread should do everything they can to protect themselves from getting bitten by mosquitos.

Frieden reports that officials are working around the clock to improve our methods of testing for the virus and on a possible vaccine.

Are you concerned by the spread of the Zika virus? Do you know anyone who has caught it after traveling abroad?

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