Zika Virus Volunteers

Zika Virus Volunteers

Good news! Now you can volunteer to be infected with the Zika virus! Yep, the situation has apparently gotten that desperate. Scientists are looking for volunteers for a new program, which they hope will help them better understand the virus and come up with a vaccine faster. You can volunteer to be infected with the Zika virus so researchers can study how it spreads in your body. However, you must be young and healthy, and you can’t be pregnant. I hope I haven’t just dashed someone’s dreams…

So far, there have been 104 cases of the Zika virus in the U.S., including 40 people that contracted it locally. Of those cases nine of them are pregnant women, who contracted the disease while abroad. Researchers are working hard to develop a DNA-based vaccine against the virus, and are currently conducting tests of possible vaccines on animals that will hopefully lead to testing on humans in the near future. Officials still state that it could be years before a vaccine is ready, but they seem to be moving along pretty quickly if you ask me.

Would you volunteer to be infected with the Zika virus? How long do you think it will be before we have a Zika virus vaccine?

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