Zika Virus – The Newest STD

Zika Virus – The Newest STD

The Zika virus has been spreading rapidly through the Americas thanks to mosquitos, but American citizens have thought themselves mostly safe due to it not having been spread to our local mosquitos yet. However, now it appears the virus has another mode of transportation. 14 new cases have been reported of the Zika virus being sexually transmitted.

14 new cases of the Zika virus have been reported in individuals that have not traveled to countries infected by the Zika virus. This strongly suggests that the Zika virus can also be spread sexually. According to officials, some of the individuals infected are pregnant women. Two of the women that were infected had no risk of getting the virus except through a sexual partner that had recently traveled to an area where the Zika virus is active. The first known case of sexual transmission was reported earlier this month in Dallas.

The CDC is advising travelers be aware of the risk, and that men who have traveled to countries where the Zika virus is active should use condoms to prevent them from accidentally transmitting the virus to their partners.

How bad does the Zika virus rank on the list of STDs? Are you concerned about possibly catching the Zika virus?

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