Crazy Insect Factoids

Crazy Insect Factoids

Insects are one of this planets most amazing creations. They are literally everywhere on Earth, and many of them have special abilities that would boggle your mind. Today I thought I’d give you a taste of how incredible these tiny creatures are.

Did you know that insects are the planet’s most successful and resilient creatures? So far scientists have discovered around 1.5 million organisms in the world. Guess who far outnumbers the rest? Yep, it’s insects. They make up around two thirds of that 1.5 million. Researchers estimate that there could be close to 9 million different species of insects crawling and flying around this planet. Yeah…humans don’t stand a chance.

Out of this vast number the ants pretty much take the cake for populating every inch of the planet. Can you remember not seeing at least one ant somewhere almost every day of your life? These guys are everywhere! At any given time around 10 quadrillion ants are walking around. That’s a whopping 1.4 million ants per human.

With such a vast quantity of insect inhabiting the planet, it’s not surprising that they populate every single patch of land in every continent…except for one. If you really want to escape the annoyance of insects, you can go live in the icy wasteland that is Antarctica. But wait! They even live there. Granted, only one species of insect lives there, a wingless midge, so you have a pretty good chance of avoiding them altogether.

Did you have any clue we were surrounded by this many insects? Does that make you nervous?

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