Bug Bites

Bug Bites

The bug cuisine trend is spreading quickly across the globe. While we used to think that eating bugs was a strange thing only witnessed in the crowded streets of Shanghai or Tokyo, it is now finding footing among us Westerners. Even the U.N. is encouraging people to make the switch from animals to insects. So, I figure that even if I don’t particularly like the idea of a cricket burger right now, I might still have to man up at some point and at least take a bite. And I figure that if I am going to have to try this trend, I might as well know what I’m trying and which one is not going to make me gag. I have compiled a list of some of the most popular edible insects for you to peruse and learn about, so you’ll be prepared…just in case.

Beetles are one of the most common insects eaten by people.  One bonus is people in Africa and Asia have already been eating them for a long time, so we at least know they’re not going to kill us. They also contain more protein than most other insects. It turns out that we can eat more than just honey from bees. They’ve been eaten in both their adult and larvae form, with stingless bees being the most common munchie of choice.  They apparently taste somewhat sweet and nutty, like almonds peanuts. Grasshoppers and crickets are another great critter to try. They’re all over the place, are a great source of protein, and have a neutral flavor. This means that they will basically pick up the flavor of anything else in your meal, so you won’t even know they’re there.  Check out more incredible edible bugs here.

Would you dare to taste an insect? Do you think you might actually like it?

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