Philadelphia School Stays Open Despite Bed Bug Discovery | Chicago Bed Bug Control

Philadelphia School Stays Open Despite Bed Bug Discovery | Chicago Bed Bug Control

Despite the recent discovery of bed bugs at the Murrell Dobbins High School in Philadelphia the district has decided to keep the school open.  Now the school is facing backlash from parents and the community for the decision to stay open.

Some students have reported seeing bed bugs for numerous days before the school district decided to send a letter home to parents alerting them of the bed bug situation and informing them that cleaning crews were hard at work.  Additionally the letter informed parents that despite the bed bug discovery the school would remain open and in their opinion students were safe to be there.

However some students expressed an opposing opinion, one student Daniel Young said “Soon as I saw it, I was like, I have to get out of here,” in regards to the bed bugs.  Most all of the students were angry that they had to attend school following the bed bug report and parents felt it would be best if the school waited until cleanup crews finished before school resumed.

According to the letter sent home to parents, extermination crews had already steamed and vacuumed the school and that the school would be treated once again when students were on spring break.

Parent Shonda Nixon told reporters that “they need to close the school, because I don’t see how they can let the kids go to school like that, really, this stuff is coming from out the school, inside homes, and if we keep them out of school we get in trouble.”

Hopefully the bed bug situation will be resolved at the school without further incident.  If you are concerned about bed bugs at your home make sure to contact a bed bug control expert.  If located in the Chicago area contact the bed bug control experts at Smithereen Pest Management Services!—yOsmbjT4PJuUo/

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