Bugs Are Booming

Bugs Are Booming

The insect situation in the U.S. is not good. We’re surrounded and it’s only going to get worse…a lot worse. El Nino did a great job of bringing in lots of rain to places across the U.S. this year. Unfortunately, with that life-giving water comes a major increase in insect populations this year. Officials say there has already been 3 to 4 times the amount of insects being reported than last year.

The mild winter most of the country experienced also isn’t helping. With temperatures getting warmer earlier, insects that would usually still be hibernating for another month or so are already popping out of their little nests to enjoy the sunshine. This one thing that is contributing to the increase in populations of different insects. The other contribution again comes from the mild winter. Hard freezes usually kill off a great deal of insects during the winter, helping to keep their populations under control. But with less of those occurring this past winter, we still have those insects that should have died to also deal with this Spring and Summer.

The main insect we really need to be worried about right now, though, is the mosquito. The more of them around, the more people they are likely to infect with the Zika virus. Be vigilant about getting rid of any standing water around your home.

The other thing we need to worry about with an increase in the insect population is an increase in rodent and snake populations, since many of them feed on insects. That’s just what I need – more cockroaches and mice to scare me to death in the middle of the night.

Did you know the insect population was increasing? Could you tell? How have you been dealing with it?



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