The Emerald Ash Borer Strikes Again

The Emerald Ash Borer Strikes Again

The emerald ash borer has been a serious threat to America’s ash trees for some years now. Trees are being destroyed by these pests from Minnesota to New Jersey. Every year officials fight to stop the increasing infestation of this pest and deal with the devastation it leaves behind. With Spring here these pests are coming out of hiding inside the tree and mating and laying their eggs in these trees, leaving a new generation to devastate the ash trees.

Emerald ash borers can kill a tree in as little as two years. When their eggs hatch the larvae burrow deep into the tree trunk, eating their way through to the warm middle to insulate themselves against the cold. However, all this burrowing cuts off the tree’s access to vital nutrients and water, slowly starving them to death. You could compare it to severing a human’s veins and arteries.

Trees can be individually treated with chemicals to protect them from infestation by injecting treatments directly into the root zone of the tree or by spraying certain chemical treatments directly on the tree trunk. The best time to treat trees is May through September. However, this method can be costly, and is an ongoing process, so officials are looking into ways to control the emerald ash borer population from spreading and hopefully eliminating it from areas where it is a major problem.

Do you suffer from emerald ash borers eating your ash trees? What do you do to fight off these pests?

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