Good News for Farmers when it comes to those stink bugs!

Good News for Farmers when it comes to those stink bugs!

To farmers across America science shows a way you may be able to grow your crops without those pesky marmalade stink bugs. Virginia Tech and the USDA have realized the harmful effects that these bugs have not only on our food, but on the farmers as well because they essentially start destroying their crops. Now they have teamed together to try to come up with a solution to stop these farmers from losing business. As the famous quote “A moth to a flame” is very similar to what these stink bugs do. They are so attracted to a particular type of crop which in contrast a moth is attracted to light. Essentially these scientists know the biggest problem are pheromones that these crop carry which allow the bug to be attracted to it. They are trying to use genetic engineering to transition these plants as once being a “hot spot” to these stink bugs to have a more sustainable future for consumption. This is part of a 4 year plan but they have high hopes of making this transition happen. Farmers have a difficult time getting their crops to survive the weather conditions, let alone they do not need stink bugs being another one of their obstacles. If you ever feel like you are eating a fruit or vegetable that has been tampered with when you bought it feel free to call your local pest control company. They know everything there is to know about bugs and viruses you can get if you come into contact with something that has been affected by a bug.



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