Ancient Roaches

Modern cockroaches inspire fear and loathing in even the kindest person. They run incredibly fast, are able to survive even the roughest conditions, and just seem to exist solely to frighten poor people walking barefoot at night. Let’s be honest. Almost everyone hates the buggers. But, what if they were also vicious predators? That sounds like my worst nightmare.  I don’t think I could handle killer cockroaches. Well, your worst nightmare was in fact once a reality.

Scientist recently discovered an ancient species of predatory cockroaches preserved in amber that lived 100 million years ago. This tiny monster looks like a mix between a cockroach, a praying mantis, and a crane fly. The cockroach resembles what you usually would associate with an alien, its head being triangular with large eyes. Its body is long and narrow, and the leg and mouthparts are elongated. Scientists believe that this figure helped it run fast and fly often in order to seize its prey from its higher vantage point. Basically, it’s the embodiment of our worst nightmares about these already disturbing pests.


What do you think of this killer cockroach? Can you imagine it being alive today? How would you react?

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