No Kill Spider Trap

No Kill Spider Trap

Many of us are not fond of finding spiders in our home. Hell, most of us get absolutely freaked out at the sight of them. But, despite our fear, many of us are still hesitant to kill the little critters. Well, there now may be an answer to your dilemma. A new spider trap has been developed that will free you from having to run away from spiders at night, but will also keep them alive so you don’t have to feel guilty about killing them.

Tony Allen created the My Critter Catcher for his son, who was terrified of spiders, but didn’t want to be responsible for their death. The device looks like a typical grabbing tool with bristles at the end instead of claws. So, rather than kill them with bug spray, you can scoop up spiders, roaches, grasshoppers, and other pesky insects in a more humane manner. You just place the grabber bristle side down over the insect, pull the lever, and it scoops it up into the soft bristles. You can then carry it outside while holding the nasty thing far away from you and let it go free into its natural habitat.

Would you use this tool to deal with insects instead of bug spray? Why or why not?

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