The Cricket Car

The Cricket Car

Mattel has really outdone itself with its’ newest toy on the market. They’ve combined two of young boys’ favorite things: creepy crawlies and racecars. The new “Bug Racer” is a tricked out electric toy car that is driven by a live cricket. The car works by using sensors to detect the cricket’s movements and steer according to them. The toy is even outfitted with a little removable cricket habitat, including a spacious living and feeding area.  Kids can watch their tiny insect driver work through the magnified windshield at the front of the cockpit. The toy car also has sensors that automatically reposition the car when the cricket drives it into a wall. This means hours of endless fun. The toy car doesn’t come with a cricket. That you have to buy or catch separately. But, your not limited to crickets. The car will work with any insect. This means young rowdy boys have an excuse to catch insects till the cows come home. They have to test out different drivers, right?


What do you think of this new buggy toy?

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