Bugs on Their Backs

Bugs on Their Backs

I’m sure you’ve stepped into your kitchen in the middle of the night and came upon a creepy cockroach lying on its back, dead on your floor, its legs sticking up the in air. We’ve all seen this horrific scene at least once in our lives. But have you ever wondered why you tend to find dead bugs lying on their back? Well, now you are going to learn why whether you want to or not.

Apparently, the sight of a bug lying on its back is a clue that that bug was sick and losing its coordination or its nervous system is failing. Bugs who are alive and healthy can usually use their legs to rock themselves back into their feet if they get turned over. But, if it is too weak or its nervous system is failing, it gets stuck like that. And, while it may still be alive when it first rolls over, it can’t protect itself from predators or the elements in this position and it can’t get any nutrients, so it ends up dying soon after.

This can happen if a bug is injured, lacking sufficient nutrients, or simply at the end of its lifespan. When strength and coordination abilities begin to decline the chances go up that a bug might roll onto its back and not be able to synchronize all of its legs in order roll back onto its stomach.

Thank god we don’t have this problem…finding someone dead like that would traumatize even the most fearless individual.

Have you ever seen a bug in this position? Did you ever wonder before why they were in that position? What did you think the reason was?

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