It’s Time to Stand Up to Bed Bugs

It’s Time to Stand Up to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become one of the most feared insects on this planet. Their numbers have reached epidemic levels in the United States.  The only insecticides that successfully eradicated these pests until they were almost extinct, DDT and organophosphates, are banned. They have developed extreme resistance to the remaining pesticides available. We only have low-tech methods such as sealing up our possessions and bedding, pulling our beds away from the wall, sprinkling our homes with diatomaceous earth (its supposed to make the bugs gummy – but can cause problems for humans if inhaled too long), covering everything in rubbing alcohol, and cooking our entire homes until accidents happen and we burn down the very place we were trying to save. And so, humans are stuck under the thumb of these monsters, their numbers steadily rising every year.

It’s time our country really made an effort to stop this invader and save human civilization before it’s too late! The answer to fixing this problem lies in improving our country’s public health. These are not just simple insects. They are a highly contagious disease, and we need to start treating them that way. We need to implement some of the procedures used for epidemics like the Zika virus. People should have to report every infestation, which can then be documented in a public bedbug registry that exists in every city. People need to be educated about control and prevention procedures. Public businesses such as hotels should be forced to have random bedbug inspections – with those new bedbug sniffer dogs from California.

Measures like these would help to control the bedbug epidemic in the U.S. long enough for the scientists to have a chance of finding more long term solutions. They could try and replicate what they’ve been experimenting on mosquitos – genetically engineering bugs so that when they mate in the wild, they produce sterile offspring. Anti-bedbug products like “self-sterilizing heated beds, or bedbug-sniffing chemical sensors” could be developed. Either way, it’s time to take some action before it’s too late…

What do you think the government, cities, and people could do to gain control over this bedbug epidemic?

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