A Monkey’s Mosquito Repellent

A Monkey’s Mosquito Repellent

Yet another hope for a more effective mosquito repellent has been found, but we humans did not think of it.  Rather monkeys, specifically the Capuchin Monkeys of Venezuela, have that honor…yeah monkeys….

These monkeys have been found to use millipedes as a protective measure from dreaded mosquito bites.  What these monkeys do is spread the millipedes all over their bodies using the natural defensive chemicals of the millipede to kill or fend off pesky mosquitos.  In fact the millipede secretes only two chemicals, both of which belong to a chemical excreted from the millipede to kill almost any other insect.

Naturally, smearing your body in millipede excretions serves as an effective method of avoiding mosquito bites. And, of course, as we already know, mosquito bites themselves can lead to a variety of other serious medical diseases, so the public health benefits of this chemical cannot be ignored.  It is worth noting that the millipede secretions have had no long term undesirable physical affects, giving further reason to study its compounds to develop a superior mosquito repellent for human beings.

Would you dare to try an insect repellent made out of millipede excrement?

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