Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Secret Ingredient

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Secret Ingredient

KFC is one of those fast food restaurants that has claimed a place in American’s hearts. It’s like the McDonald’s of fried chicken. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that good old KFC screwed up in the area of quality control. Eighteen-year-old Jessica Taylor got a big surprise when she bit into her Original Recipe Chicken Burrito. Mixed in with the chicken, rice, and beans was a plump, juicy insect. As you might have guessed, this did not go over well with the customer.

What I find rather incredible was the excuse the company used to explain the presence of the bug. This entire thing can be blamed on KFC’s use of fresh products…uh huh. A KFC spokesperson said: ‘It’s very rare, but this does happen from time-to-time when working with fresh, natural produce grown in the great outdoors.” I swear, a company tries to do good by providing their customers with fresh, healthy food and they get punished for it…yeah, right. This has got to be the most ridiculous and self-serving explanation I have ever heard from a company trying to weasel it’s way out of an embarrassing situation. There’s one other thing that doesn’t quite make sense. Yes, fresh products can sometimes contain bugs, but usually you take care of that by washing it…which I guess is not a requirement at KFC. You’d also think that since these burritos are advertised as being made fresh on the spot by hand, someone would have noticed the extra ingredient.

Will you be eating at KFC any time soon? Have you ever found an insect in food your ordered from a restaurant?

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