Would You Like a Big Hairy Spider With Your Salad?

A couple who purchased a bag of Woolworth’s Salad were treated to an extra edible surprise–and enormous Huntsman Spider.  Not only was there a giant spider in their salad bag, but the spider had been in the bag long enough to allow its eggs to hatch releasing many soon to be enormous hairy spiders.

Needless to say the consumers were shocked at this find, however, after a video showing the spider and its offspring went viral, many people had some good things to say about it.  For instance one person commented that the salad is at least free of pesticides.  She was clearly forgetting the good aspects of pesticides as I would much rather consume salad with pesticides than find an enormous spider and all of her babies rummaging through my salad.

The Huntsman Spider is most commonly found in Australia where they are often encountered in homes and treated like normal house spiders.  The Huntsman Spiders, although venomous, are largely harmless, but the speed at which they travel is enough to terrify any arachnophobe into complete panic.

Have you ever found a surprise like this one in your food? How did you react?

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